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All Norvegr down comforters come with a ten-year guarantee. However, because of the down’s fantastic abilities to regain its shape, and the durability of the most exclusive qualities, the down will last for decades when treated the right way. Therefore, if you invest in Norvegr down products, your duvets and pillows will potentially remain with you for a long, long time.

For more than fifty years, our family has maintained and restored down duvets and down pillows. This service is extended to you when you buy Norvegr down products. After seven to ten years, you can send your comforters and pillows back to us, and we will then restore them in our service department. The process includes opening the products, steam cleaning the down and replacing the cotton casings, and filling more down if needed.

After having restored the duvet in our service department for you, the duvet will be as fresh as new. At the same time, we will extend the warranty on your duvets for another ten years. After these additional ten years, the process of restoring the products can be repeated another time. The result will be equally as good, and we will extend the warranty a second time.

With this process in mind, our duvets and pillows are eco friendly. Their cost is also dramatically reduced given their potential life spans. For our standard, classic and premium collection duvets, and for our pillows, the cost of the process is one third of buying new products at the time the restoration is done. For our limited edition duvets, price on request.

If you buy down products from Norvegr, we will contact you when the time to think about restoring your products approaches.




Your comforters and pillows should be aired regularly, and the pillows should be puffed up after use. Every morning, give your duvet and pillows a gentle shake. Do not beat, vacuum or dry clean. Leave the duvet folded over once for an hour or so before you make up your bed. This allows for moisture inside the duvet and in the bed to escape. You may very well leave the duvet to air outside, but do not leave it directly in the sunlight.


Norvegr duvets and pillows can be machine-washed and tumble dried at up to 60°C, if you follow our washing instructions. We strongly recommend professional laundering, and would advice against washing your duvets at home. This is because you need a very big machine to properly tumble dry them.

The most gentle way to wash your down duvets and down pillows, will take quite a bit of time, but leave you with the best result. Use a wool detergent, and a gentle program on your machine. Rinse an extra time after the washing program is finished. Use a moderate sling, so the products are not completely squashed. Then put in the tumble dryer until they are almost dry, if possible with less than maximum heat. Take out before completely dry, and leave to dry on a table for the last few hours. Pat and turn them once in a while. This entire process can take around 12-18 hours to complete. If you are in a hurry, the products can be washed with full spin and then put in the tumble dryer until completely dry. We recommend to wash the products at 30°, but you can go all the way up to 60°C if you would like.


Should an accident occur, and you tear a hole in your duvets or pillows, spill something on them, drop a cigarette on them etc. do NOT throw the products away. We can replace the cotton casing for you. If the down needs to be cleaned, we can do that too. All maintenance/re-generating procedures cost much less than replacing the products. Please email us at info@norvegr.com or call us at +47 72 90 04 35 Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM CET and we will find a solution for you.


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